Understanding &
Defining Spaces

We first establish our client’s commercial objectives and then employ the following design principles to ensure these objectives are met:

McArdle Doyle work with our clients to a pre-agreed budget, offering a full design and build solution from concept to completion.

This relieves the client of any construction risk and ensures programme delivery, simplified procurement and exact budget control.

Architectural Design –
We follow a retail-first design approach. The retail elements of our designs are not made to fit the building. We develop the retail concept first, before designing the building to fit around that concept.

Structural Design –
We never use simple grid systems that restrict a retail-first design. Our clear span structural designs encompass both retail and back-of-house areas. If intermediate columns are required, we place them to enhance retail flow and customer journey.

Mechanical & Electrical Design –
Every aspect of our design, including all service routes, blends in with the building’s architectural and structural fabric. We follow sustainable, best-practice principles, so exposed ceiling services are never random or shortest-route options.